Prevent Cough and Colds This Summer

April 24, 2012

in child health

Are your kids the sweaty type of children? Mine are, specially Alex! I always notice how the area between her lips and nose becomes sweaty even when we just finished taking a bath. That happens even when it is not summer here in the Philippines. And we all know that when kids are sweaty, they are very prone to getting cough and/or colds because their sweat dries on their back without us knowing. So here are a few things I do to keep my children away from being sick this summer.

1. Put powder at their back right after taking a bath. My children are prone to asthma because I am asthmatic. So that they will have less chance of inhaling powder particles, I apply them while their body is still damp. After that, I re-apply powder about twice to thrice a day, on a damp cloth then to their back.

2. Make children wear light clothing. This allows air to pass through their bodies more, which can lessen sweating.

3. Put towel at their back and make sure to check it every now and then. The towel will absorb the sweat from your child’s body but you have to check it because if you don’t, the towel can get wet of sweat and still dry on your kid’s back.

4. Keep your children hydrated. When they sweat a lot, they should drink more water. Water therapy also prevents cough and colds.

5. Double-dose on Vitamin C. Prevention is I think the best cure of all.

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