Relaxing at Puerto del Sol

We left our place at 7am in the morning. After several stop overs for some lunch at Jollibee, halo-halo by the hi-way, and asking for directions, we made it to Puerto del Sol a little before 2pm.

The whole resort is huge and very well maintained, the crews are all knowledgeable and smiling. I can already conclude that they are very used to customers.

At the information center, we were all given a lace necklace. Then we were asked to give a Php2000 deposit for incidentals, refundable upon check-out. After that, we we’re assisted to our Casitas.

This is the first time that I didn’t take a picture of our room so let me just describe it to you. It is a detached unit with two rooms and a small living area inside. Outside is a huge dining table which I assume is made of Narra wood. It has glass windows and sliding door giving the occupants a very nice view of the beach. Apart from being at the beach front, our unit is conveniently situated at the back of the swimming pools.

As soon as we have put our stuff inside, we head out to the beach.

The very clear shallow water.

The access to the beach

View from the small island between water.

Sister-in-law, Ayex and me playing under the heat of the sun.

A decent summer family picture.

My princess bakasyonista enjoying the water and not minding the sun’s heat.

After our quick view of the beach, we went back to the room to change for our swimming attire. You guess it right. It’s the little girl who is very excited to try the water/ We didn’t swim at the beach though due to low tide. Instead, we lounge by the pool. And since it’s a Friday, there were a few guests only. We were able to enjoy the pool by ourselves to the max!

The kiddie pool soloist.

The empty adult pool waiting for us.

Enjoying the pool as I watch over Ayex

We stopped swimming at around 4pm to eat some snacks then back again. We left the pool again and had dinner at the resort’s restaurant. The food is tasty and the serving is appropriate. As it is with resorts, the food is a bit pricey though. After dinner, Ate and I tried the Jacuzzi. By this time, Ayex is already with her Lolo and Lola back in our room, sleeping.

Owning the outdoor jacuzzi to ourselves.

The jacuzzi if pretty relaxing, specially for tired muscles because of the pressure it gives. However, we didn’t enjoy it that much because the water smells like old salt water. After the jacuzzi, we took another dip at the pool before cleaning up and calling it a day.


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