My Current Hair Style

February 17, 2012

in beauty matters

My sister had a hair cut before she flew to Singapore and I love it! I wanted to had a hair style exactly like hers. But the salon where she had her hair done is too far from where I live and going there is seriously out of way. I do not want to have my hair rebonded anymore. My hair was really straight and dries as is but it lost the volume. I just want to have a hair style that does not look blown-away by the wind without me having to iron or blow-dry it. Besides, the money I will be using for another hair rebond can already be used for an anti static foam for our bed, I will just have to add some more.

Anyway, since I was really itching to cut my hair, I went to the salon near Alex’s ballet school. I told the stylist I want this length, pointing to my chin, and an apple-cut at the back. And so that is what my hair looks like now. Can you picture it? But now I feel like it is too short for my taste. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait for my hair to grow again. Hopefully in just a few months, it will be the length that I want.