My Current Hair Style

My sister had a hair cut before she flew to Singapore and I love it! I wanted to had a hair style exactly like hers. But the salon where she had her hair done is too far from where I live and going there is seriously out of way. I do not want to have my hair rebonded anymore. My hair was really straight and dries as is but it lost the volume. I just want to have a hair style that does not look blown-away by the wind without me having to iron or blow-dry it. Besides, the money I will be using for another hair rebond can already be used for an anti static foam for our bed, I will just have to add some more.

Anyway, since I was really itching to cut my hair, I went to the salon near Alex’s ballet school. I told the stylist I want this length, pointing to my chin, and an apple-cut at the back. And so that is what my hair looks like now. Can you picture it? But now I feel like it is too short for my taste. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait for my hair to grow again. Hopefully in just a few months, it will be the length that I want.


  1. says

    when we say “Hair” all the women was irritated when they feel angry, mad and ugly duckling in terms in hair that didn’t suits in their life style but having a good looking new hairstyle is a fashion for all women. But now a days “hairstyle is making noise to all people around the world”. Even in the male, like me i’m not feel comfortable if my hair is very long like someone “rockstar” heeheeh . Now the new hair style that we
    follow is the ” Japanese and Korean Hairstyle and also the Hairstyle of the famous Artist.

  2. ruth says

    hahaha, i can relate to how you feel everytime i get a haircut as weLL… but, see the brighter side of it, you have a new look now :)

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