Review: LG GT505

It was May of last year when I bought this mobile phone. At that time, I hit the mall without having a specific model unit in mind. All I knew was I wanted to buy a new phone and I will not go home without one. My criteria were:

  • It should have a nice camera, 3MP-5MP, with flash.
  • It should have a memory card slot, preferably up to 8gb.
  • It should have 3G connectivity, Wi-fi is a plus.
  • It should be touch screen, because it is IN.

If my memory serves me right, those were the only criteria of a phone I was looking for. Oh, I wished for a big screen and a price that I can pay from my own pocket on a monthly basis.

In a few months, this phone will turn a year with me. I like that it is very powerful from my perspective. I am not very into applications (yet) so I am ok with its basics. I appreciate that I can type on it using a virtual keypad or the qwerty method. I have taken so much photo using its 5MP camera although I really think its flash is very blinding. My daughter loves using it to play music. She also likes to play the games it has.

Basically, I have no major qualms about it except that sometimes, I have to restart it because of the Maximum application limit error. There was also one instance when a message got stuck in my outbox and I cannot delete it. I was only able to get rid of that message after removing the battery.

All in all, I think this phone is a good buy.

LG GT505 specification


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