girls, girls, girls

for those girls who don’t know, buses are public utility vehicles. they are for the use of PUBLIC! therefore, dont act as if you own the bus!

one thing that i hate most about girls is that when ever they’re in public places, they tend to forget important etiquettes. they tend to walk in a horizontal line with they’re friends as if they are the only ones who uses the street! in the bus, todo make-over ang ginagawa nila! crap! this really pisses me off.

just this morning, a “lady” sat beside me in the bus on my way to work. a few minutes later, i feel like there’s something na lumilipad-lipad. it’s like dust! but im riding an airconditioned bus, how could that be! then i saw my bag, and it has lots of white spots! i checked my blouse and it has the same thing! shet! she applied loose powder on her face! SANA NAMAN KUNG MAGPA-POWDER KAYO SA BUS, COMPACT! KUNG LOOSE GAMIT NIO, SEE TO IT NA WALA KAYONG KATABI! coz ako, im allergic to loose powder! same with brushing you hair, konting brush lang dapat tama na! if you intend to brush your hair more, see to it you’re alone in your seat. and please, wag naman todo make-over! if you want this, look for a nearby bathroom! not in the bus!!!!!

hope all girls out there would start acting like a lady. konting etiketa lang pls.


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