Universal Player

I have several players installed in our laptop and I am not happy. One, the program files of these software consume disk space. Second, they are duplicates, except that one can do a little more than the other. So why can’t I ditch the other programs instead, you may ask. Because each one has a little something that the other has and I do not know when the time will come that I will be needing that feature. So yeah, I keep them all.

Thankfully, after airing this concern to someone who is also into applications, I found a solution. I went ahead and download vlc. And guess what, it is now the only player I have in my laptop. Hello more disk space for photos! LOL. And did I already mention that it is very easy to use? Go and ditch your player now!

Test-driving Motorola Milestone

My LG GT505 conked out a few months ago. For some reasons, every time I close an application, the memory it used is not returned properly. Alex was unable to use any of the applications installed, specially the games. I can only do text and call. Even the camera function was not usable. So I was forced to reflash my phone. And after just a couple of months or so, the same problem is back. Disappointing, yes.

Then one morning, hubby gave me a paper bag of one of the telco companies here in our country. I opened it and saw a new mobile phone. But before I can open it, he said it is not mine. I can just borrow it. It is an android phone and I got so excited to use it.

It has been a month and I have updated the phone’s software by myself. Thanks to online tutorials. I have installed different applications as well. From anti-virus, to games, to email applications. When I am bored, I play games. Most of the games I installed makes me think and I like it. I also installed games for kids because I share the phone with Alex. I will blog about my favorite games in another post.

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Lately, many of my contacts in Facebook are publishing photos of their business. Well, while sometimes it gets a bit annoying since they keep on sharing the photos of what they sell over and over again, it is also an opportunity for us, their contacts to see what they have to offer again. (That is such a long sentence, whew!)

Since I have been lurking in Facebook for longer times lately, it got me thinking. I really wonder how much do these people spend as capital for their online-based businesses. Is it that big? Or how small it is? Where do they get their supplies? Which is more salable: food, clothing, toys, or accessories? What do they use to track their stocks, is it something like pc america? If they import, do they have contacts abroad and in the customs office?

I have so many questions because I am inspired to re-open my online store. Yes, I have one too but it has been inactive for almost two years now. I sell mostly gadgets and diapers but I haven’t had time to take care of it so I stopped. But my girls are getting bigger now and their needs are expanding too. I feel like I have to do something I help my husband in whatever way I can. Plus I think selling is something I am good at.

What do you think? Do you have your own online shop? Care to share more about it?