Summer and Kids

When I was a child, I remember I am always excited for summer vacation because that means: unlimited play outdoors and swimming at the beach in the province.

This may still be applicable to children of this generation. Or may not.

Alex has not yet gone to the beach nor the pool. The closest she has gone so far was their inflatable pool which we setup in our garage late last month and their swimming in the batya during their bath time. I can say that it is partly our fault as we have not brought them outside the Metro like what our parents used to do. Actually, Alex’s ballet recital is something that sort of prevents us from doing so. The recital will be at the end of this month and she has practices thrice a week.

I can say that that is another aspect that differs the summer of this generation to ours. This generation has so many activities lined up for summer. Some they probably chose and some, their parents chose for them. Arts and Crafts, all sorts of workshops (acting, dancing. modelling and singing), tutorials for the next school year, swimming lessons, and many more. Alex is into ballet as I mentioned. Maxyn is too young to be engaged in something else but I have been thinking of enrolling her to swimming classes. Then again, that could prevent us from going on a summer vacation.

I know, we parents, only want the best for our children. I know we want to hone whatever skills they have so they may grow as holistic individuals. Actually, admit it or not, some of the things we want for them are things we cannot pursue for ourselves. But let us not forget that summer should mean vacation. Vacation from months of studying for school. I personally equate vacation with OUTDOOR play. Don’t you just love to hear your children squealing due to excitement of running after a playmate as they play habulan (chase me)?

Alex loves ballet and the outdoors too. So after the recital, hopefully we can teach her how to play patintero and luksong tinik.

Water Borne Diseases to Watch Out For

It was Wednesday when hubby told me that he is taking a leave from work on Friday. He was sniffing a little so I thought he would like to rest from all the office stress he had gone through for the month. But he said he just wanted to take a leave and not really rest. Picture me thinking of what to do and where to go for the weekend at midnight. I got really excited.

That Friday was a tiring one. I swear. I simply wanted to hit the bed as soon as we arrived but of course, we didn’t.

After Alex’s school, we went to the hospital. Our itinerary includes vaccination for the two girls and ear cleaning for Alex. I peeped at the OB’s door but decided I will just see her next time.

Our pedia gave our girls Typhoid vaccine. She said that during summer season and vacation, cases of this water borne disease goes up because most kids go for a swim. And even if our kids only swim in our backyard, they will surely drink water for their pool, whether intentionally (like what Maxyn did this morning) or accidentally. Even if they bathe themselves first before plunging to the pool and just stay there, the possibility of contamination is really high with other kids joining the fun.

I was really glad we made it to our pediatrician. Well, not that we will be hitting public pools and beaches soon, but who knows.

Aside from Typhoid vaccine, Max is schedule to have her HEP A shot this coming April. I will make sure I do not forget it.

I hope your kids have these shots already. If not, an online buddy suggests yogurt or Yacult. Thanks for the tip, Arcee!

Morning Person

Happy Monday, everyone!

My weekend have been busy: exams, ballet, dentist, church. We were really tired last Saturday and all we wanted to do yesterday was sleep. I baked a mango loaf when I cannot sleep anymore. I thought it was a failure, but turned out that the center became a mango filling. I will post it in my food blog soon.

I think I am becoming a morning person. Blame Alex’s school. They transferred us to a morning schedule first because of the exams, second for the practices for their celebration of learning. I kind of hate it because it disrupts Maxyn’s routine as she also gets up when we do. The good part is that all of us get to catch the morning sunshine. But I am becoming indebted to my sleep bank. I think this means I should sleep a lot earlier at night and not when it is morning already. Oh well. Got to get used to this schedule.

Just two more weeks and it is vacation! Weepee!