Too Advanced

That is what I feel with regards to the lessons being taught to my first grader.

Alex has this on and off colds due to the unpredictable weather that we have been experiencing. The chocolate stock that we have does not help because my girls have a sweet tooth (just like mom) and they take a bit of those every after meal, aggravating the colds a little. Oh, plus the busy weekends that we have.

The colds took a toll on her last Monday and I decided not to send her to school. I thought she will not miss much on a Monday since there is a school rule that exams on a Monday is a no-no as Friday is a no assignment day. There were really no exams. But I forgot that there can be seatworks. To my surprise, they tackled multiplication tables 6 and 7 last Monday. Yesterday, they tacked tables 8 and 9. Today, there was a quiz on tables 6 and 7 plus a long test in Reading. Tomorrow there is a long test in Language. I am hyperventilating.

I was not able to review Alex because 1)I do not know how the teacher taught the lesson to them and I do not want to teach another technique which might confuse Alex. Being absent, she does not know the way it was taught either. 2)I went to the wake of our friend priest, who presided our wedding ceremony and was so stressed out by the commute from south to north.

I may be over-reacting but I just feel that these Math lessons are waaaaaaaay too advanced for a six-year-old kid. In my time, I studied these things when I was in grade 3, if my memory serves me right. But that is the way it is. Whether I like it or not, I have to help my daughter with this Math lesson as it will be included in their 2nd periodical exams next week. Yes, next week! That means stress-week again!

Oh God, please shower me with lotsa patience and time!

CDSL Foundation Week 2012: Playdate

Such a busy week this is. Thanks for a one day rest, I have time to take care of my blogs.

Colegio de San Lorenzo (CDSL), Quezon City, is celebrating its 25th year. In celebration of this milestone, there are many activities lined up for students and parents.

I was really curious at how things will run. I have been to a big school and foundation week is a blast for everyone. While CDSL is a big school, the space it has is really limited. The parking alone can break your day when there are school-wide activities.

There was a huge inflatable slide that even a grade six enjoyed. There was the HIT flying swing (similar to Enchanted Kindom’s flying fiesta, only smaller). There were a handful of stalls that offer games much like in a town fair. There was an area where make-shift bump cars can be used. Then there was a stall that sells figurines made from plaster of paris which can be painted.

Students were given a letter about the ticket, priced at PhP130 each. It was not mandatory but you would not want your kid to miss the experience with the rest of his/her classmates, right? The tickets are valid for three rides and 1 play in the town fair stalls. The rides available are: make-shift bump car, flying swing and inflatable slide.

Here are the girls waiting for their turn in the inflatable slide, our first stop. L-R: Alex, Anika, Hannah

Finally! Ang bagal nga lang umakyat ni Alex, mukhang inip na yung iba sa likod.

There was no rule where to go next so we decided to go for the flying swing. For our kids to be able to ride, there should be 24 kids in the line as the operator cannot mix the small kids with the bigger ones. Magkaiba kasi sila ng intensity sabi ng operator.

Anika, Alex and Hannah in the flying swing. Super excited si Alex habang ako kinakabahan kasi hindi pwedeng basta itigil ang pag-ikot porket ayaw na nia dahil nahihilo xa or whatsoever.

Gelo, Anika’s baby brother, also enjoyed the ride. Visitors can also use the rides provided they have a ticket. Kung alam ko lang andun si Gelo, isinama ko si Maxyn!

Surprisingly, Alex enjoyed the flying swing so much! Nagrereklamo pa xa kasi ang bilis daw matapos!

I brought her to the make-shift bump car and she did not like it. She asked if she can use the remaining ticket in the flying swing. She did not want to go back to the inflatable slide because she kind of injured herself. Bigla xang tumaob tapos natukod nia yung right arm nia. Buti hindi napilay.

So we went back to flying swing for a second round. Na enjoy nia talaga!

Hindi naman halatang sobrang excited at enjoy ka, anak.

After we used up all our tickets, everyone was free to go home. No classes that day, just play.

Sabi nga ni Mama Fe ko, the perks of enrolling Alex to a big school.

A Mom’s Reward

Exam week is finally over. Both Alex and I are now back in relax mode. I still get stressed out though by the usual stuff: girls fighting over toys, little accidents caused by carelessness, and fixing Alex’s hair the way she wants it with very little time.

Anyway, today, was the start of foundation week in Alex’s school. Their class schedule was different from the usual one. My schedule for the day was actually on time until I decided to braid Alex’s hair, which she loves. I ended up not bringing her to school, instead, only Maxyn and Dada drove her to school. When I picked her up, she was so excited. Her voice was very loud while she says May papakita ako sa iyo Mommy! with her eyes beaming with pride. She took out her notebook number 1 and showed me the pasted exam results.

preschool exams

I am so proud of you, Alex. All your hard work paid off. Never-mind the three mistakes you made in Math. I know within you, you know the right answer.

Ah, I just wish that people will simply compliment her hard work and not complain anymore of the tiny mistake she had. It was hard studying for these exams and she missed playing outside to prepare herself. It hurts me when someone does that and I hate it when I have to correct that attitude. Ayoko lumaki si Alex thinking na her efforts with regards to her academics is always not enough even when she knows she has exhausted everything she can. Been there, done that. I don’t know where and when it started but the effects are still with me until now. I do not want Alex to have the same baggage. Keep this in my my dear readers.