Ride the Horse

One thing we haven’t had the chance to do this summer is to go to Tagaytay to ride the horses. It is one activity my children look forward to at least once a year. Yes, we’ve been to Tagaytay but we didn’t have the chance to do recreational activities.

I just hope that the horses have new saddle pads this year for added comfort to the riders. I don’t know if they do change it yearly but hopefully they “retired” the ones we used last year.


  1. says

    I remember my first and last time riding on a horse, my first time to have hold and ride beside my crush :) , we’ve been in Tagaytay several times already too 😀 can never forget that experience

  2. ruth says

    i’ve been to Tagaytay a couple of times already, but i haven’t tried to ride a horse yet. maybe in my next visit there, i’ll be able to experience that ^_^

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