Great Deals from Save More Calamba

We went to my lola’s wake again today. It is the last night of the wake. While we wanted to stay there, we did not because we have two young children in tow and the chapel does not have a place for visitors to sleep.

When we arrived, there were visitors already. We checked out Nanay Isay then we ate snacks. Later, my cousin arrived with his family. I was happy because their children are of the same ages as my kids. Hello playmates! :) They ate snacks as well then I noticed that there were a few juices left. I asked my dad if we will still buy and he said yes.

Hubby and I went to the Save More supermarket beside the chapel. Aside from tetra pack juices, we bought Quacker Oats cookies, which are on sale: buy 1, take 1. We got a total of ten packs but just paid for five. Cool, right. And the coolest part of that grocery trip was being able to buy a 1/2 kilo of ground pork for just 1 peso! They staff and crew said that every Wednesday, they have a promo. Every time a receipt is printed, cool deals are printed also. That is where we got the 1 peso coupon for the ground pork.

In this time, a 1 peso coin can only buy a piece of candy, nothing more. That deal was such a steal, don’t you agree?


  1. ruth says

    wow! i definitely agree with you! that deal is awesome! it’s great to hear about that news ’cause i’m heading South this summer, so i’ll make sure to drop by Save More on a Wednesday!!! thanks for the info nicquee! ^_^

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