February 23, 2012

in mom's corner

I have been PMS-ing the whole week and I am telling you, it sucks. I have warned my eldest and told her to refrain from doing things she knows will make me upset because I get angry really fast and easy.

I have tried doing things that I like like walking around, sewing, browsing, and even ate foods that I have been craving. Last night I bought loads of tinapa (smoked fish) and daing na tuyo (dried fish) and we cooked them today with monggo beans. I also ate junk food and chocolates but I still feel sad.

I pray for this moodiness to just pass because I have a very busy weekend coming up and I do not want this mood to get in the way (you know there are times when you just cannot control yourself).

Maybe stocking up on sleep will help. So good night gorgeous people, see you tomorrow!