Filbar: One of My Happy Stores

Our taste buds are growing tired of our menu. I checked the Umami magazine that came along with my gift pack from the EB last November and saw prospective recipes. Then it hit me. Maybe I should stock up on locally published magazines on food.

After learning that my thyroid is functioning normally from my follow-up check-up, I passed by Filbar at The Landmark in Trinoma. I was lucky because they have back issues on sale. I got four foodie magazines, two parenting magazines and two kiddie magazines. I paid about $14 for all the magazines. That amount is already huge for me but I think of them as investments. LOL.

Here is my stash. I haven’t flipped a page but I will in the coming days. I’m already excited to try the recipes!

food magazineparenting and kiddie magazines

Alex have not seen her magazines. I will give them to her one at a time, when she is exceptionally good as her reward.


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    I too love reading magazines and have several issues of Yummy magazine. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to cook so I’m left with staring and drooling at the pictures of the heavenly dishes.

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