Dear Milkita Lollipops

February 20, 2012

in mom's corner

I think childhood will never be complete without lollipops.

When I was a kid, we only have those chocolate or fruity flavored lollies. Now the lollipops have bubble gum and others can paint your lips and tongue a different color. But for a discerning mom like me, who wants to give her children the joy of eating lollies but also making sure they are healthy, Milkita Lollipops should be the way to go.

These lollipops, as advertised, is made from milk and is enriched with calcium. And every time Alex sees that commercial of Juday, she will bug me to buy her that, the pink one.

Yesterday, we played in Tom’s World in The Block. She played in the game where you scoop candies hoping that they will fall in the bin. She tried several times to get a Milkita Lollipop but we failed. I assured her that I will just buy from the grocery. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of going over the candy asile of Hypermarket, we cannot find it, worse, the people there do not know what I am talking about. In short, Alex got sad and I was forced to just buy her an ordinary pop.

And so, I appeal to the makers of Milkita Lollipops, can you please, pretty please, put some of your stocks in SM groceries?

There is a Cherry Foodarama branch near me and I will try my luck again this weekend but I do not want to disappoint my daughter anymore. Wish me luck, dears.