Left Behind?

November 16, 2011

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I grew up in a simple family. Both my parents were working outside home, there were five of us and we all go to school all at the same time at one point. We had times when we can live a luxurious life, we can eat what we want and buy what we want from the grocery. That was enough for us. We have our Tito who lives in Guam, mom’s younger brother, who help us in whatever way he could and we are super thankful for that.

And that childhood is what inspires me and hubby to do everything we can to give our children the life we did not have. In fact, maybe sometimes too much, that our eldest thinks she can have all her whims at once. If we do not give in, she will throw tantrums.

The latest hubby and I was discussing was about gadgets. Our eldest is really techie. Give her a phone and after a few hours, she knows where the games are and how to play it. She even knows how to shut down the laptop than my in-laws! And she is just 4-years-old. We have been browsing nintendo ds games online but I am not sure that is the best for her. And of course, I want to get us something than we can actually use as a bonding time. They say Wii is great for families. Do you have one? Do you agree?

I am not really so afraid that my girl does not own these gadgets yet and I think she is not yet left behind by her peers. For now, I guess we will just stick with her online games until we come up with a decision that will make in our priority list.

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