Mad About Elastic Ponies

Yesterday, Ayex and I went to Quiapo with my mom. First we heard the mass. We were lucky to have a seat because of the semenarians of Boronggan, who my mom knows. After the mass, our quest for Ayex’s United Nations costume began. In between store hopping, I bought this set of ponies. Cheap Elastic Ponies Why too many, you ask. For some reasons, all of the ponies I bought Yex before are gone now. She has medium-lenght hair and I do not want it scattered, specially on her face. Also, there are times when I play with her hair and make different styles. And since these things are cheaper in this area, I bought a few to keep. I bought these for just P30. If I go to the mall, the price could go as high as P30 per five pairs.

And yes, we were able to get Ayex her African (Comorian) costume.



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