I Heart Lay Bare Waxing Salon

October 4, 2011

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I am a month overdue for my underarm waxing schedule. Today, I sneaked out, left Maxyn with Ate Rose, and went to Lay Bare Waxing Salon in Congressional after dropping Ayex to school.

They just renovated their place. There are now six private cubicles and the flooring is much nicer than before. Ate Mheann, my usual therapist is free when I came in so I did not wait.

At first, I was only up for underarm waxing. For one, I thought the money in my wallet is just enough for that. And second, I did not notice the my eyebrows have become bushy until I saw them in their mirror. I checked my cash too see that there is still enough and I can have an eyebrow threading too. When Ate Mheann came in, I told her to do my eyebrows too. While she does my underarm, she bragged that they have radio already. And I could not believe that Lay Bare has their own radio station! There is a usual plugging of services and I was reminded of their freebies during a client’s birth month. You get 15% off on your total bill plus a free eyebrow threading! Isn’t that love love love?

Eyebrow Threading

I have a hairless underarm, I have pretty and clean eyebrows (that matches my personality) and I only paid PhP127.50, exclusive of tip. Not to mention that the therapists in Lay Bare Congressional are all very friendly and I feel very at home there. That is why even if there are other branches near me, I still go in the Congressional branch.

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