Reminiscing My Sporty Days

When I was still single and only have myself to mind, I would proudly call myself a sporty person. Back in my elementary and high school days, I play track and field and volleyball. Track and field is my first love.

When intramural is near or when there is an inter-school competition, there are days when I train from one sport to another. I am no part of the varsity team but I enjoyed playing these sports, thus my big thighs. 😀

I remember, after practicing two sports in a day, I would wake up at night crying because of leg cramps. My brother who is an occupational therapy student then would teach me what to do. There was also one occasion when I hurt my ankle. Good thing it was not serious.

How I wish I could do some sports again. Maybe when I get the hang of being a stay-at-home-mom already.


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